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Camp Fimfo, Hill Country TX

RV Resort with a water park? Yes, Please! Let's Play Outdoors at Camp Fimfo!

We arrived at Camp Fimfo and set up camp, and boy, it is hot out here in Texas! We got all settled in, and had to go get new car tags since the first site they put us in wasn't level, and we had to switch spots. Teresa and I spied a sign that said Karaoke so we drove back to the camper and got the guys and headed out to sing our hearts out! What a great way to the end the first night!

The next morning, we were up bright and early to get in a few games of Pickleball (yes, I'm a Pickleball addict) before it got too hot to play! Did I mention it's REALLY HOT in TX? After I got my Pickleball fix in, we headed back to the camper to make a big breakfast of biscuits and gravy, bacon and sausage! Bellies full, next on the agenda was to check out the pool and water park. The water was cool and perfect in contrast to the searing heat of the Texas sun! Yes, I know I already mentioned it's hot here! We tried our hand at basketball and water volley ball, had a couple of drinks at the swim up bar, then headed to check out the slides!

The water slides were so fun! Beware, the speed slide will cause a wedgie! The kids area is amazing. I can't imagine anyone with kids not having an incredibly fun time here! The campground also has a general store, cafe, and tavern, so once you're checked in, there's really no need to leave!

After we had cooled down in the water, we came back to the RV to change and have a snack, and then headed back out to ride the alpine coaster! You control the speed of this coaster, so you can keep your fear factor low if you're not a thrill seeker! I really thought that I would be that girl, so I took the last of the four cars so I wouldn't slow anyone else down. I was surprised to find that I could handle it at the fastest, and I loved it! There's a clip in the video below!

I should've taken a picture of our dinner, but I was too busy stuffing my face! Rick grilled garlic butter shrimp, filets, and garlic bread, and Teresa made mac and cheese to go with it! It was better than a restaurant for sure! We played Questions for Humans and shared stories and had lots of laughs. We finished the day up with a beautiful vibrant sunset! This was a perfect day for a little play, and a lot of relaxation! This morning we are checking out and continuing toward Sedona!

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