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Next Vacay...Flying on a limited budget!

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

Let me start by saying, I'm not getting paid by NextVacay for plugging their services, but I'm recommending them anyway! If you have flexibility, love to travel, and can be spontaneous, this is definitely a service you want to sign up for.

Imagine checking your email and seeing this!!!

Did I take advantage of a trip to Puerto Rico? Yes, yes, I did! My deal was from Nashville, TN to San Juan Puerto Rico in January for $150 round trip! Escape the cold weather and go to a tropical paradise in January??? YES PLEASE!!!

Now, here's the catch! You have to be able to make a decision within 24-72 hours before the deal disappears forever. So, you have to be a little spontaneous and have some flexibility in your schedule. Sometimes the flights are months away, giving you ample time to request vacation days and plan. Other times (My Alaska trip...more on that later) you have a week to throw a trip together! With the Puerto Rico trip, I booked my tickets within 5 minutes of getting the email. My friends booked theirs a couple hours after me and the price went up a little, and then my sister booked hers after that and it had gone up about $50 more! Still a great deal, but the faster you book the better the deal is going to be!!! One time, I went to book a flight to Paris I really wanted to go on, but wanted to make sure the dates were good so waited over 24 hours and the ticket went from $400 to $1200, so, needless to say, I didn't go to Paris!

San Juan Puerto Rico city street
Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

Here's how it works: you sign up for $25 a year. Put in your home airport and choose 4 more airports within 4 hours of you. Tada!!! That's it! They do all the work and your email starts receiving wonderful deals. I've gone places I wouldn't have really thought to go just because of a deal! My sister and I went to Iceland for $199 round trip, Alaska for $360 and then to Costa Rica for $321. My husband I took advantage of $80 round trip tickets to Boston, $150 round trip tickets to Seattle, WA, and $325 tickets to Hawaii!

I've never regretted signing up for NextVacay! I've saved way more than the $25 a year I pay for the membership. I use other tools also, such as Google Flights, and Going, but NextVacay is constantly scanning and sending me those great deals! Just don't let them go to Junk Mail!!!



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